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“On Nectar, the sweet honey of Colonna’s voice fills our cups with the enduring energy of her pure songwriting. She has blossomed as a songwriter, but it’s the unadulterated beauty of each song that moves us from one flower to the other on the album.”
No Depression
“. . .One of our favorite new artists . . . undoubtedly, the songwriting is superb and Wendy’s voice is warm and welcoming. There is not a bad song on ‘Nectar.’”
“The songs . . . are all pearls to discover. No flaws. Wendy’s voice sounds more seductive than ever: it winds its way through with a pronounced, elegant diversity . . .”
Rootstime Magazine
“soulful tunes of innocent sin . . . “Nectar” is a beautiful composition… it’s a collection of songs that has several lives to live”…
James Killen, Houston Music Review
“A soulful performer, Colonna digs deep for her words and sings them with the kind of swamp/soul conviction that draws listeners in and keeps them in.”
San Antonio Express News
“Unlike many artists who desire to bring their sound to a broader audience, Colonna does not lose the individuality that makes her work so special. There is a little genre hopping on the album (from alt country to blues to reggae to pop) but it works mainly because her voice is a magnificent unifier.”
The Appetizer
A Wall Street Journal pick for “Best Music Acts” at SXSW 2014 calling Wendy a “gifted country-influenced singer-songwriter.”
Wendy was included in top 10 of Austin Music Awards in Four Categories in 2013: #2 in Best Female Vocalist, #5 Musician of the Year, #6 Album of the Year for “Nectar” and #4 Best Folk Act.
“Her voice has both a richness of tone and an engaging cadence that makes her oh so easy on the ear.”
“…if you weren’t already, consider yourselves informed: Wendy Colonna has a serious set of pipes.”
Austin Music Source
“If you’re a great soul singer, it really doesn’t matter your skin color. Think Louann Barton, Marcia Ball, Tracy Nelson, Dusty Springfield, Jennifer Nettles, Janis Joplin or Bonnie Bramlett. Does it really matter that these soulful women happen to be Anglo and not African-American? . . .If you can sing you can sing. Add Austin, Texas, resident Wendy Colonna to that list.”
The El Dorado Times
“This girl can sing! She can get just as angry and throw out as much power vocally as a man, without losing a BIT of her femininity…
I’ve spent years nearly ignoring female singers. Thanks to Wendy for opening that door”
“Wendy Colonna offers a tonic for those who remember Aretha, Marvin, and Stevie making meaningful albums that helped weave the socio-sonic tapestry of a generation for those who cringe when they hear Joss Stone hailed as the most “precociously gifted” soul singer of her era (seriously). If you too are wondering, “Whither soul music?” R&B that shoots from the soul and aims at the heart Louisiana born Colonna points the way.”
Texas Music Magazine
“The Louisiana native blends her roots rock with sage wisdom and equal parts sultry smoke and swamp-dipped soul in her voice, a potent spice for anyone’s gumbo.”
The Austin Chronicle
“Her subtle, melting vocals bend and stretch with the album’s melodic modern arrangements. In lyrics or in melodies, Colonna appears equally versatile.”
Offbeat Magazine
“Wendy Colonna is hot, no question, but the Austin singer-songwriter’s considerable musical talents make her sassy sexuality secondary — perhaps an even greater achievement. With smoky vocals that call to mind Norah Jones or Joan Osborne, Colonna’s expansive musical domain encompasses rock, soul, jazz and blues, making her something of an all-purpose woman.”
The Houston Press
“Talk about ambitious. Colonna is a fearless performer with an excellent voice and plenty of songwriting talent who brings together rock, blues, funk, soul and whatever else she believes fits.”-
San Antonio Express News
“Give this package [the DVD] to anyone you know in the phony bologna music business to show them what a REAL Louisiana woman can do WITH HER CLOTHES ON — there is absolutely no comparison with Wendy’s genuine songwriting, singing, and performance talent (not to mention her true earthiness and the poetry in her very fingers as well as on the pages she writes) with that Disneyland produced nonsense that poses for commercial music today.”
“What if Natalie Merchant played in a funk band and What if Joan Baez wrote the lyrics? Wendy Colonna knows the value of a really good groove. . .Colonna sings smooth, limber melodies over infectious jazz-funk and other flavors of music.
The Times of Acadiana
“Listeners will be drawn in by Colonna’s sultry, soulful voice as well as her poetic lyrics. In an era bombarded by teenage bubble gum pop, it is refreshing to see the emergence of a mature singer/songwriter such as Colonna . . . Wendy Colonna shows great potential as becoming one of the premiere female vocalists of the 21st century.”
Times of Southwest Louisiana

Wendy Colonna

Troubadour. Mama. Adventurer. Yogi. Bookworm. Pollination Ecology Enthusiast. Hula Hooper.

Last summer Wendy married the love of her life, Ryan Doty, and on June 11th, they welcomed their first son, Charlie into the world! And between those two blessed dates, she completed and released her newest and most acclaimed album, “No Moment But Now” all the while continuing to perform for enthusiastic audiences across the US. 

“No Moment But Now” has songs simultaneously featured on Apple Music’s “Hot Tracks” and “Breaking Singer Songwriter Playlist, “as well as Spotify’s “Fresh Folk” playlist. Wendy is garnering critical acclaim from multiple outlets including the New York Times (describing her music as “ethereal”), received a 2016 Black Fret Major Grant and she was selected as a 2017 Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Finalist. The Austin American-Statesman long ago recognized Wendy as “Austin’s Best Singer/Songwriter.”

She’s currently enjoying a bit of a slower pace at her new home with her family in San Marcos, performing limited shows across her home region.

More About Wendy:

The Austin-American Statesman wrote “Wendy Colonna is not just a singer-songwriter, she’s a force of nature.”  Hailing from the gulf coast of Louisiana and calling Austin, TX home since 2000, Colonna is a regular southern renaissance woman: a seasoned troubadour, yogi, bookworm, adventurer, pollination ecology-enthusiast and hula-hooper.  But it’s her songwriting and voice that draw in audiences in like bees to nectar.

Wendy’s resonant, signature voice is grit-infused-honey and her songs echo swampy southern tales of loss, mortality, joy, reclaimed innocence and celebration. With ease, she moves from a sweet whisper to a full on bayou-soul-shout without skipping a beat.

Since 2002, Colonna has released seven acclaimed albums and is currently working on release number eight. Since 2013, Wendy’s been writing custom songs for folks like The Southwest Louisiana Tourist Bureau and Coca-Cola.

In 2014, Coca-Cola released an advertisement with a song which was written and performed by Wendy that made it to the top of AdWeek. The ad has been warmly received by critics and fans with over 175k YouTube views. Wendy has released a full length single of the song, A Happy Song exclusively on iTunes.

Though she’s lived in Austin for many years, her ties to Louisiana are still deep. In 2015 the Southwest Louisiana Tourist Bureau asked Colonna to write a custom song capturing the pulse of every day life in the region called “My Southwest Louisiana Home.”  The song and accompanying video swept the Regional Addy Awards, winning four gold placements and “Best in Show”.

Colonna’s 2014 release, Nectar, has had coverage by many notable media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, American Songwriter, NPR’s Beale Street Caravan, No Depression, Lone Star Music, Buddy Magazine, (cover story), WFUV’s Sunday Breakfast (NYC) and more. Even Starbucks joined in, placing songs from Nectar in heavy in-store rotation across the US.

coca-cola screen shotIn addition to writing original songs for her own albums, Wendy has been writing custom songs for a variety of clients since 2011. Most notably, Wendy’s written for Korea Pop singers, produced an ADDY winning song celebrating her heritage for the Southwest Louisiana Tourist Bureau as well as an Ad-Week Topping song for a Coca-Cola commercial.

She and producer/songwriter, Mark Addison have partnered to create custom songs for any variety of clients.  Email us with inquiries.

rock campWendy has had the honor of coaching and mentoring aspiring creatives.  From lectures and songwriting workshops at Universities and through the Tipitina’s Foundation to Rock Camps to private coaching and mentoring for creatives of all ages, Wendy has helped individuals to turn their passions into career paths.

Interested in a lecture, private mentoring session or workshop? Email us!

Yoga To GoIn addition to her musical career, Wendy’s twin passion is yoga.  Since 2003, Wendy has been a certified yoga instructor.  In 2007, Wendy was invited by Good Karma Mama Publishing to merge her passions and create a yoga DVD & Workbook tailored for musicians and other traveling professionals called “Yoga-To-Go.”

Wendy is available for private and public yoga instruction depending on her tour-dates. To find out more Email us.