Young. . New . . Year. . Into the Mystic

/Young. . New . . Year. . Into the Mystic

Young. . New . . Year. . Into the Mystic

I don’t know about you guys, but this season’s transition liked to knock me out of my rocker with all its madness. . . My holidays ranged from profound moments of breathing in gratitude and sipping on moments of divinity to trembling in chaos and uncertainty. Whoa nellie. I’m very grateful for the challenging experiences and also even more grateful for the opportunity in the young year to cultivate better boundaries, disciplines and rituals in my life. . .
Intentions and Inventory:
I am setting intentions on perceiving each choice in my life through three lenses. . . 1. “Is this supporting wellness?” 2. “Is this brave?” 3. “Is this in integrity with my highest vision, can I be accountable with this choice?” I am feeling so many things in this inventory process- disappointed, sad, joyful, grievous, relieved, realistic and excited. I hope that each of you are giving yourself the gift of a fresh inventory sheet and a new opportunity to find joy and love in your everyday lives. . . It’s so easy to let that fall low on the priority list. . . Thank you all for being mirrors to me, showing me, in your many ways so many perspectives and visions and revisions. . .
I look forward to 2009. For the first few months, I will be staying close to home. I am going to complete the songs for our new album and will be working the details of recording, producing and releasing the new album. I also hope to cultivate my yoga practice and attend some trainings to enhance my teaching tools. Excited!
Our European tour was amazing. We look forward to returning in the summer (we hope!). Learning all the way. We have a lovely blog space with our tales and photos from our travels in Italy & Belgium. Check em out! Our friend, Conrad made some sweet videos of a few tunes on Youtube. And. . Ginger Leigh put together some hysterical videos of some of our trip in Italy.

This month!
I hope to see you all in our tours. Will keep you posted on when we’re coming your way. . . This month we have some really sweet shows in TX This week we have Austin & San Antonio and we will be doing shows at new-to-us venues, HOUSE OF BLUES in Houston and THE FAIRMOUNT in Forth Worth this month. Check the calendar for details and more dates.

In Love, Hope and Grace,
Wendy Lorraine Colonna

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