2013. . . Possible new album, Possible world-tour. . .what do you think?

2013. . . Possible new album, Possible world-tour. . .what do you think?

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One regret, dear world . . .That I am determined not to have . . .When I am lying on my deathbed . . . Is that . . .I did not kiss you enough. ~ Hafiz

New Year’s Greetings Lovelies!

I hope this finds you well and in a good groove. . . I had a lovely holiday season here in Austin, TX and am already embracing the new year with some courage, new risks and exciting projects in the works. . .

Do you want a new WC Album in 2013?

As some of you know, I haven’t recorded a full length studio album in almost four years. I’m still toying with songs, curiously researching how other folks are funding theirs and connecting with some musical muses and colleagues, but I just might venture to make a new album this year. . . Would you like that?

I know that some folks say albums have gone the way of the DoDo, but I feel that albums (hard copies or digital) can still really summarize a mood, vibe, sentiment & even statement in a collection of well-crafted, well-produced songs. . .

If you don’t have my full catalog and wish to have it all including B-sides, Demos, Radio recordings, Live shows and lots of unreleased material, you can check in and receive demos of new and emerging songs and ideas onPATRONISM. It’s like a pay-what-you-feel virtual tip jar that helps me to raise funds for things like mixing, horn charts, and uh, say, even possibly a part of producing new songs. . . click here for more infowww.patronism.com/wendycolonna

Touring Across the Globe 2013

As some of you know, I’ve been working with stellar musicians here in TX, but also in my travels, performing in different cities and even different countries with different groups of music-makers. I plan to take this to a new level in 2013. I will still work with my incredibly talented bandmates here in Austin, but I will be attempting to tour much of the US and abroad starting in April 2013.  It will take lots of routing, booking and musical massaging, but I’ll keep you posted as things develop. It should be a grand adventure. . .

Want to Help? . . .I have a few small things brewing in Europe and across the US, but I’d also love your feedback. Send it to booking@wendycolonna.com. . . You can host a concert, introduce us to your awesome friend who books your favorite club, help me to promote shows to your communities share venues you love and tip me off on festivals that I’d be appropriate for. . . Let me know and I’ll try to do my best to make things happen.

gain, I wish you a blessed New Year!

Looking forward to seeing you in 2013

Be Kind.

Wendy Lorraine Colonna


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