New Album. New Website. New Tour-Dates. Oh MY!

New Album. New Website. New Tour-Dates. Oh MY!

Greetings from Austin,

After a long, whirlwind tour, I’m glad to be safe and well in the ATX. I’ve been moving like the Tazmainian devil since I’ve touched down here. . .

Our album, Nectar is officially RELEASED!

You can get it on iTunes  or CD Baby  or perhaps you have them already in your mailbox. .


If you ordered the album on Pledge Music, it’s available for download on Pledge and I’ve sent ALMOST all of the CDs and Posters out. The other pre-order exclusives are coming, I promise. I’m going as fast as I can on all fronts. THANK YOU for making this album happen with your pre-orders!

Review the Album:

If you find the time and you’re moved to share how you feel about the album, please share your reviews on theCD Baby page! We’d LOVE to hear how you feel about the new album!

New Website

And yes, we’ve been busy bees over here. . . we also have a lovely NEW WEBSITE!


If you’re in Texas or Louisiana or Oklahoma, come to one of our upcoming over the next couple of months. Also, I’ll be doing a special shows with Maria Ball in Louisiana and Shelley King in East TX. Check the calendar for more info!

This weekend we will celebrate at the legendary listening room, The Bugle Boy in LaGrange on Friday night andSaturday at Luna in San Antonio.  

Want to Watch our first release show but can’t make it to La Grange?

You can! HERE.

Our Austin, TX release party will be on September 27th at Strange Brew Loungeside.It’s a WONDERFUL intimate and amazing space and there is limited seating, so if you plan to attend you may order your tickets in advance HERE. They are only $10, but they may go fast.

Special Thanks. . . 

I just want to stop right here and say I could NOT be doing this without the help of my amazing team. Dori, Sanne, Ray, Suzanne, Dean, Mark – THANK YOU SO MUCH for going above and beyond to help make this a success. And thanks to Robin, Laura & Patty in Tulsa for helping me get the first 200+ autographed cds and posters in the mail. That was no small feat.

So that’s it for now

Give it Shelter & Be Kind


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