What folks are saying. . .

What folks are saying. . .

“Wendy Colonna is not just a singer-songwriter. . . she’s a force of Nature”
~Austin American Statesman

“WE ARE ONE perfectly demonstrates Wendy Colonna’s unceasing maturity as both songwriter and vocalist. Papa Mali appears to be just the sort of producer capable of capturing her incredible range in both areas – an ability to emote everything from gentle sweetness to belting it out like a full-blown, scorching Soul Queen.”
Cecil Doyle, Program Director at KRVS, Lafayette LA

“Colonna’s fourth album is a cohesive mix of funky blues that immediately carries you into the swampy sounds of Louisiana. The music is a mix of horns, funky oldschool organs and hard driving blues guitar that flow together with Colonna’s voice and lyrics for a category five storm. . . . “We Are One” captures Colonna’s talents as a songwriter and gives listeners a full immersion in the Louisiana musical mojo. Colonna hits her musical stride. The album is the Colonna album to own and one to grab in case of an evacuation.”
– Karen Wink, Lake Charles American Press

“Colonna’s recently been named best singer/songwriter by the Austin American-Statesman, and this time around, I’m going to agree with them, and go a step further. She’s the best singer songwriter to come out of Lake Charles, Louisiana, anytime in recent memory.”
– Jambalaya News

“Wendy Colonna was there [The Ghost Room] to introduce her gloriously soulful CD, “We Are One.” The crowd drank in her delicious voice. ”
– Michael Barnes, Austin American Statesman, “Out & About”

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