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Old New Borrowed & Blue (2007)

“Wendy Colonna is hot, no question, but the Austin singer-songwriter’s considerable musical talents make her sassy sexuality secondary — perhaps an even greater achievement. With smoky vocals that call to mind Norah Jones or Joan Osborne, Colonna’s expansive musical domain encompasses rock, soul, jazz and blues, making her something of an all-purpose woman.”
Houston Press
“She used the opportunity to re-record songs from her out-of-print first album, 2003’s Red, including “Hey,” “Hold Me Tight” and “Girls of Stone,” and some fleshed-out tunes from her shoestring-financed second album, last year’s Right Where I Belong. The live set also features several new cuts that show Colonna’s creative range: from pensive, vulnerability-baring ballads and “moody, epic stories” to jazzed-up pop and R&B to strong-woman soul (and (soulfulness) in a voice that goes from dusky to Dusty- and other ladies whose influences you’ll recognize.”
Lynne Margolis, Texas Music Magazine
“Talk about ambitious. Colonna is a fearless performer with an excellent voice and plenty of songwriting talent who brings together rock, blues, funk, soul and whatever else she believes fits.”
San Antonio Express News
“Give this package [the DVD] to anyone you know in the phony bologna music business to show them what a REAL Louisiana woman can do WITH HER CLOTHES ON — there is absolutely no comparison with Wendy’s genuine songwriting, singing, and performance talent (not to mention her true earthiness and the poetry in her very fingers as well as on the pages she writes) with that Disneyland produced nonsense that poses for commercial music today.”

Old New Borrowed & Blue (2007). Live at Antone’s in Austin, TX. Filmed by ME Television. Engineered by Cris Burns.

  1. We
  2. Dirty Wife
  3. Bound To Fall
  4. Easy
  5. I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now/October
  6. Weight of the World
  7. The Thunder
  8. Girls of Stone
  9. Noah
  10. May Day
  11. Your Parade
  12. Hey
  13. Vacancy
  14. Poor Little Fool
  15. Right Where I Belong
  16. Sodom
  17. Does it Satisfy
  18. Hold Me Tight
  19. Nothin’ Gonna Take My Love
  20. Coffee Today
  21. Right Where I Belong
  22. Sodom

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Old New Borrowed & Blue is a Live Album/DVD recorded at Antones in Austin, TX in March 2007. Filmed by ME Television and Recorded by AMD. 22 beautifully arranged live tracks, 11 videos and lots of cool extra footage.

Players: Keys: Dave Madden. Electric guitar: Chad Pope. Bass: Harmoni Kelly.  Drums: Eldridge Goins. Special Guests:  Nakia, Kat Edmonson, Shelley King & Simon Wallace.