Project Description

A Happy Song (2014) Full-Length Single from Coca-Cola Red Balloon Commercial

Recorded by Wendy Colonna & Mark Addison at the Aerie Studio, Austin TX.

Music Dealers, a company that connect independent musicians with licensing opportunities contacted Wendy Colonna in the spring of 2014 to write a custom song for a Coca-Cola Ad. While on tour, Colonna read the creative brief, watched the video and wrote the song in about 30 minutes. She  played the tune on her ukulele and sang a rough version of the song into Garage Band on her Mac and sent the song to Music Dealers.  Weeks later, Coca-Cola was sending her feedback and she cut the song with Mark Addison at the Aerie Studio in Austin. Featured in Coca-Cola’s “Red Balloon” Commercial.

Coca-Cola Ad featuring Wendy Colonna’s tune, “A Happy Song” reached the top of Ad-Week during its debut week in May 2014.

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