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grey baby

Grey Chesterfield is the daughter of a millionaire—smart, alluring, and ill-equipped to handle life when her father’s jet plummets in an accident. Cut off from her fortune by her stepmother, she boards a bus to New Orleans to the only opportunity she can scrounge: a job as a nanny for a lesbian couple and their three-year-old daughter.
Zoë Cates is an author of sensual vampire tales with writer’s block. Trapped in a loveless marriage, she feels exhilarated by her daughter and stifled by her wife’s threats of taking her child away. She drowns herself in remorse, cognac, and jazz, tortured by longing for another time when she painted the Crescent City red with bold strokes of her pen.
Grey’s infatuation with the dark author grows into longing, which neither can resist. Their mounting tension opens a flood of inspiration for Zoë, yet threatens everything she holds dear.
Is it possible to love someone so much, you would risk everything you have ever loved? Zoë and Grey are on a collision course to find out.

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“Grey Baby”
Custom Song Written for the Novel
The Poison of Life

My dear friends Elizabeth Parmer (Betsy) and Caren Penland recently wrote a sexy, brilliant novel entitled, The Poison of Life. I could not put it down when I read it. It’s like Jane Eyre meets Anne Rice with a modern, sexy twist. It’s doing great on Amazon and Caren & Besty were asked to lead and participate in several panels at a literary conference in D.C. earlier this summer. In the spring, they asked If I would write a companion song for the novel to share at the conference.

Of course, I said “HELL YES” and wrote Grey Baby, producing it with Mark Addison. We’ve been working closely on my new album and this song aligned nicely into with our rolling studio mojo. It was so fun to write. I wanted it to capture the narrative of the main character, Greyson and have the sexy tone and vibe of the whole novel.

Buy their awesome book and listen to the song!

grey baby

Caren & Betsy