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Wendy Colonna’s Nectar, invites listeners to taste the sweetness of life in stories of surrender, mortality and redemption. With her  swamp-Americana style, Colonna displays grit, grace and a sense of humor as she shares her journey of a return to innocence.  With soulful southern storytelling, the songs on Nectar showcase Colonna’s singular vocal abilities with a natural simplicity and authenticity.

The San Antonio Express-News has noted the “soulful grit” and “tender-tough abilities” of Wendy’s distinctive southern voice, which the Austin Chronicle describes as “smoky” and “alluring.” 

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Nectar (2013)

Recorded and produced by Mark Addison at the Aerie Studio, Austin TX.

  1. Dirty Things
  2. Bring Me Water
  3. Shelter & Be Kind
  4. The Water’s Fine
  5. Sleeping
  6. Dance with the Moon
  7. Girl Without A Name
  8. When Love Comes My Way
  9. Texas Summer Love
  10. I’ve Never Been
  11. Mother Forgive us
“On Nectar, the sweet honey of Colonna’s voice fills our cups with the enduring energy of her pure songwriting. She has blossomed as a songwriter, but it’s the unadulterated beauty of each song that moves us from one flower to the other on the album.”
Henry Carrigan, No Depression
“Wendy Colonna puts us under her spell…the album is packed with beautiful and exciting songs.”
The Alternate Root
“. . .One of our favorite new artists . . . undoubtedly, the songwriting is superb and Wendy’s voice is warm and welcoming. There is not a bad song on ‘Nectar.’”
“The songs . . . are all pearls to discover. No flaws. Wendy’s voice sounds more seductive than ever: it winds its way through with a pronounced, elegant diversity . . .”
Roots time Magazine
“soulful tunes of innocent sin . . . “Nectar” is a beautiful composition… it’s a collection of songs that has several lives to live”
Houston Music Review

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