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No Moment But Now

“Fans of both Lucinda Williams and Motown soul will find much to like in Colonna; the Louisiana-born troubadour brings a decidedly fresh spin on twangy Americana.

Amy McCarthy, The Boot

“Her  songwriting combines both rich heritages, while her vocals draw in audiences in like bees to a flower—a sturdy, slightly prickly flower, not a shrinking violet, ‘cause she can move from a sweet whisper to a full on bayou-soul-shout without skipping a beat.”

Elmore Magazine

No Moment But Now

Released 5/19/2017

Recorded and produced by Mark Addison at the Aerie Studio,
Austin TX.

  1. Girls Like Me
  2. No Moment But Now
  3. Elizabeth Street
  4. Every Second
  5. Kiss You
  6. The Seed
  7. I’m Satisfied
  8. Things That Bloom In Winter
  9. I will Take You In
  10. Coming Home

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