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Wendy Colonna: Right Where I Belong (2005)

“This girl can sing! She can get just as angry and throw out as much power vocally as a man, without losing a BIT of her femininity… I’ve spent years nearly ignoring female singers. Thanks to Wendy for opening that door”
“Her subtle, melting vocals bend and stretch with the album’s melodic modern arrangements. In lyrics or in melodies, Colonna appears equally versatile.”
Dan Wilging, Offbeat Magazine
“Wendy Colonna offers a tonic for those who remember Aretha, Marvin, and Stevie making meaningful albums that helped weave the socio-sonic tapestry of a generation for those who cringe when they hear Joss Stone hailed as the most “precociously gifted” soul singer of her era (seriously). If you too are wondering, “Whither soul music?” R&B that shoots from the soul and aims at the heart Louisiana born Colonna points the way.”
Texas Music Magazine
“The Louisiana native blends her roots rock with sage wisdom and equal parts sultry smoke and swamp-dipped soul in her voice, a potent spice for anyone’s gumbo.”
The Austin Chronicle

Right Where I Belong. (2005). Produced by Stephen Doster. Engineered by James Stevens  at The Bridge Studio.

Drums: Eldridge Goins. Bass: Leslie McCurdy. Keys: Cole El-Saleh. Electric Guitar: Wayne Sutton. Special Guests: Guy Forsyth, Brian Keane, Carolyn Wonderland & Ephraim Owens

  1. Easy
  2. May Day
  3. Sail On
  4. Coffee Today
  5. Right Where I Belong
  6. The Thunder
  7. October
  8. Does It Satisfy
  9. Fe Fi Fo Fum
  10. Vacancy
  11. Nothin’ Gonna Take My Love

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Wendy Colonna’s third album, “Right Where I Belong”, delivers Wendy’s crafty and insightful songs as they are meant to be heard. Backed by some of Austin TX’s most solid players, as well as guest appearances by as an assortment of Austin’s most talented artists, it’s a lushly orchestrated journey – at once raw and powerful yet subtle and sultry.