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Wendy Colonna: We Are One (2010)

“WE ARE ONE perfectly demonstrates Wendy Colonna’s unceasing maturity as both songwriter and vocalist. Papa Mali appears to be just the sort of producer capable of capturing her incredible range in both areas an ability to emote everything from gentle sweetness to belting it out like a full-blown, scorching Soul Queen.”
“Colonna’s fourth album is a cohesive mix of funky blues that immediately carries you into the swampy sounds of Louisiana. The music is a mix of horns, funky oldschool organs and hard driving blues guitar that flow together with Colonna s voice and lyrics for a category five storm. . . . We Are One captures Colonna’s talents as a songwriter and gives listeners a full immersion in the Louisiana musical mojo. Colonna hits her musical stride. The album is the Colonna album to own and one to grab in case of an evacuation.”
Lake Charles Press
“Produced by Papa Mali, a kindred Texas/Louisiana spirit, the 12-song collection [We Are One] beautifully showcases Colonna s soulful grit, her tender-tough abilities, her talents as a singer and as a songwriter and her collaborators, including her partner, guitarist Chad Pope, and producer Papa Mali. Colonna moves among love songs ( Love Comes Once ), topical commentary ( Hurricane ), New Orleans funk ( Mojo Hannah ) and deep blues ( If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day ) and makes those moves naturally.”,
“…if you weren’t already, consider yourselves informed: Wendy Colonna has a serious set of pipes.”
Austin Music Source,
“If you’re a great soul singer, it really doesn’t matter your skin color. Think Louann Barton, Marcia Ball, Tracy Nelson, Dusty Springfield, Jennifer Nettles, Janis Joplin or Bonnie Bramlett. Does it really matter that these soulful women happen to be Anglo and not African-American? . . .If you can sing you can sing. Add Austin, Texas, resident Wendy Colonna to that list.”
El Dorado Times
“Colonna’s new record is such that if it had dropped at any time during the 1970s, it would have been accepted without any problem.”
Lagniappe Magazine

We Are One (2010).   Recorded at The Nest in Austin, TX. Produced by Papa Mali. Engineered by Matt Hubbard.

  1. Mojo Hannah
  2. We Are One
  3. Love Comes Once
  4. Shine
  5. Pelican Waltz
  6. Louisiana
  7. The One That You’ve Been Waiting For
  8. Is It True
  9. Hurricane
  10. If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day
  11. Heart of Darkness
  12. All That I Am

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Acclaimed producer, Papa Mali joined Wendy in producing Colonna’s latest album “We Are One.” Together they drew inspiration from the landscape and musical heritage of the American South. “We Are One” is a soulful, timeless listening experience.