Big Announcement. New Album. Pledge Music & Wendy Colona Day!

Big Announcement. New Album. Pledge Music & Wendy Colona Day!

Bonjour Mes Amis!

Greetings on the Anniversary of Wendy Colonna Day! Last year on April 26th I received a proclamation from the City of Austin honoring my musical contribution to the city on this day. It was an honor and a joy. . . And I never would have guessed that on its anniversary I would be where I am today. . . Which is so exciting!!!!


Today, I am launching a 60 day PLEDGE MUSIC campaign to crowd-source my most recent creation.  I want to invite you to join me in bringing my new album to life. I am working with one of Austin’s finest producers, Mark Addison and we are producing some MAGIC.

Please visit my Pledge Music Page to watch the video and read about the new album and pre-order your album TODAY.   PLEASE share it with your friends and families and social networks. Your pledges will help the album come to life and may even open the possibilities of helping to fund a publicity campaign that could get these songs and my presence on the map in a bigger way! Here is the URL:


Please Click. Pledge. Share. 


Honestly, I wouldn’t be in the process of making a new album if it weren’t for YOU.  Your love and connection is what keeps the inspiration flowing.  So THANK YOU.

With my love and gratitude.

Be Kind.

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