Big News! Upcoming Album! Pre-Order Today & Take Part in the Art

Big News! Upcoming Album! Pre-Order Today & Take Part in the Art


Hello Beloved Fans, Friends, Family Near and Far,

As many of you know, It has been four years since my last studio album was created. Since that release, I’ve toured the US, Europe, been a finalist for a reality TV show (don’t ask), had a song in a TV commercial, won a huge online competition, made an awesome live album & yoga DVD, experienced savory successes, heartbreaking losses and intense challenges. It takes a strong love, faith and lots of surrender to stay on the bucking bronco of the music biz and thanks to all of you, I have. . .

NEW ALBUM: Please Pre-Order Today & Take Part in the Artr
I am thrilled to announce that this fall, I will be creating a NEW STUDIO ALBUM. It is my honor and privilege to work with internationally acclaimed, Louisiana-native artist and producer, Malcolm “Papa Mali” Welbourne on this project. It will be my most savory and swampy album yet, and it’s gonna be so sweet to share it with you!

You can help me in a very real way by pre-ordering your copy right now. Although no showering of gifts could truly express my gratitude for your role in my career, I have put together a series of gift packages for you to choose from. Your early orders will help pay for studio time, musicians, photographers, designers, promoters, and manufacturing necessary to create and deliver this album to audiences across the world. I call these gift packages “Prana Packages.” “Prana” is the sanskrit term for “vital energy force sustaining life and creation, permeating the whole of creation, life force, breath.” By purchasing one of the “Prana Packages” you are literally breathing life energy into this new creation.

Every “Prana Package” Includes

* An autographed Album mailed to you hot off the presses.
* Digital copy of “Cabin Demos & Radio Rarities” – A collection of fresh new demos, interviews and radio performances. An instant token of my gratitude, available to you at time of purchase.

CLICK HERE to View “Prana Packages” and Pre-Order

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your support through this journey. I hope that the music continues to bring you joy, solace and inspiration. . . I hope you will pre-order the “Prana Package” that’s right for you and be a part of this new album!

Much Love & Light,
Wendy Lorraine Colonna

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