Co-creating your life and your country- Messiahs, Obamas and Redefining our Value as US Citizens

Co-creating your life and your country- Messiahs, Obamas and Redefining our Value as US Citizens

Yes, my very first open, online discussion of accountability, history and our power as a people to participate in this “CHANGE” we’ve been hearing so much about. . .

Several people have openly criticized Obama supporters, saying they have unfairly “deified” him. I find it very typical and perplexing at the same time. In my entire adult life (I’m 31) I’ve felt as though I have been powerless in my participation as a citizen to bring forth a change for good in my own country. I watched my parents, activists and educators be criticized and crippled by the rich and powerful in my hometown. As a result I’ve worked to become an activist with music and yoga, enriching the lives of people as I travel with love, community/connection and occasionally wisdom. To me, at times, these are the only ways I have felt empowered to participate in this country’s wellness and as a counter force to its destruction. The last eight years, I’ve felt as if ANY of our input would be thrown in the White House paper shredders still in the envelope.

I am simply enthralled to bear witness to the mantra that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been repeating- calling ALL US citizens into a place of personal and political empowerment. Before, during and after the election, it has been unwavering, they have been urging the PEOPLE to participate in improving their own lives. Which is why I find the savior thing awfully strange.

The part i find typical is that we’ve all observed through our narrow understanding of history that when people become desperate, they seek out a “Messiah” they can lean on to get through the rough times. Sadly, as we have learned through history’s pages, when leaders who represent wisdom, truth and courage don’t deliver the “quick fix” people react with some form of crucifixion. This is, if these inspirational leaders aren’t assassinated fist by people whose nearsighted dynasty thrive on violence and destruction. I am hopeful that Obama will continue to remind people of their individual and collective ability to participate in the healing of their lives, our lives.

More than that, though, I pray for the citizens of the US, that we may look beyond this cycle of hope and violence and see that we truly do have the tools of empowerment and grace at our fingertips before we become impatient. We have a legacy, children, limited resources and a lot to become accountable for in order to become the individuals and the nation of which we dream.

We must open our eyes and enlighten ourselves. We have turned our gaze away from US instigated wars which have had no specified terms of victory or end in sight. We have ignored our excessive spending habits and have replaced community with entertainment. We have staggering and sad statistics that rank us top in the world with child obesity and type 2 diabetes because we have not set the standards of preventative health for our very young and impressionable. Everywhere, education is laughed at as a worthless “long track” to success and sense of earning has been replaced by a sense of entitlement. We have ignored our energy crisis and how many children “No Child Left Behind” is leaving behind. We can all see it, but something has happened in us as individuals that is tying our tongues and binding our hands. Simple and essential principles of nurturing have been popularly disregarded as “dumb, tree huggin’ foolery.”

Good news is that we are empowered- and that our new leaders are actually encouraging us to restore our sense of true value- not with gas guzzling over sized vehicles and and the latest in video game interfaces in surround sound- but with our minds, hands and hearts.

The even better news is that I don’t believe that this means we have to agree, but I do believe that we have a duty to participate.

So- Dust off your ideals and dreams. Shake off the excess. Get up in the attic of your mind and dig out your hope and remember how good you were as a kid at devising strategies and schemes over the wildest of endeavors. You could build something out of nothing then and you have more resources before than you can fathom. . . Start the revolution from within. Honor the divine creative presence in your life and get busy co-creating your life and your country.

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  1. Arunabh Das March 15, 2009 at 11:14 am

    Well said!!

  2. Theresa April 8, 2009 at 8:47 am

    Wendy for President!

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