This coming weekend I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant with my husband, Ryan’s and my first son, Charlie Jackson. With Charlie in tow, this little earth mama will be lending my gifts to two powerful events this weekend that fondly remind me of my parents, their steadfast dedication to community and leaving a positive legacy on their worlds.

As I journey swiftly toward biological parenthood (we are blessed with awesome non-biological kiddos), I can’t help but reflect upon my parents and how their example has impacted my life so positively.  Sure, they were figuring it out like all fallible, human parents do, but they both had unique passions for service and humanity that have left a lasting, positive and powerful impression.

My parents didn’t have fancy jobs. We didn’t grow up with a lot of money or influence or popularity in our community.  Mom was a teacher, unwaveringly devoted to educating kids for over 40 years and dad worked tirelessly standing up against the petrochemical companies that polluted our air and water in our little industry town.  It wasn’t glamorous and they didn’t get lots of awards or television appearances, but that did not stop them from towing the line.

This weekend, I get to honor both of my parents’ passions!  Yay!

The folks at Earth Day Austin have invited me to emcee and perform at the celebration this Saturday! I’m so excited to celebrate this earth and all the humans who honor and serve it. It should be a blast! I’lll be emceeing and performing between 3:30-7PM, but come early and enjoy the many people and organizations educating, exhibiting and sharing their passion for preserving the planet with us all day long! I’m psyched. Learn More Here!

On Sunday afternoon, I will be performing the Spring Benefit for The Odyssey School fundraiser at The Highball between 2-5PM.  Join us in supporting this Austin charter school devoted to the success of students with varying educational challenges.  They have small classrooms and customize each child’s learning path to ensure their needs are met. Schools like the Odyssey school are truly leaving no child behind. I’m proud to be there in support with bandmates, Andre Moran and Noelle Hampton and we will be welcoming the Odyssey School’s band “Back in Black and White” up to sing “A Happy Song” with us!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!