Exciting! Kerrville, Hometown Dates, West Tour and New Album!

Exciting! Kerrville, Hometown Dates, West Tour and New Album!


We are having the most luxurious spring here in Austin. . . where it’s usually over 90 degrees for over a month by this time of year, we’ve been blessed by soft rain, months of wildflowers and the songs of frogs into the night. Such a magical time and place for us. . . and I feel like the beauty of this long, languid spring is really showing up in the recordings we are making at the Aerie Studios.  Producer Mark Addison & I have found a sweet spot for working on the final songs for the album & we are thrilled with the recordings so far. . .  Here I am outside the studio taking a break to admire the flowers in the fields nearby.

Couple of quick, Important news flashes. 

Upcoming Tour-dates:

I’m playing a House Concert in Lake Charles this coming Sunday at 2:30pm. Family Friendly, BYOB, Picnic in the park style show. Please RSVP at wendy@wendycolonna.com for details and the address if you are coming. I’d love to see you. I won’t be back in Louisiana till October and I hope to give you a sneak preview of the new songs on Sunday.

Kerrville Folk Festival Ballad Tree Finalist

I am honored to share that I’m a finalist in the Kerville Folk Festival Ballad Tree Competition. I’ll be performing amidst a great group of songwriters on May 26 at 3:30pm More info can be found HERE!

Touring West this Summer. . .

In 3 weeks I will set off on a 3.5 month tour across AR, OK, W.TX, NM, CO, WY & back. Please visit www.wendycolonna.com I have a very special bon-voyage show at Strange Brew next weekend in Austin. . . and then I’ll be away for quite a while. . . Would love to see your sweet faces along the road & before I go.

 New Album Update. . . It’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

The new album is coming along BEAUTIFULLY!!!! This album is gritty, innocent, confessional, soulful and so very fine so far. I’m thrilled with it. If you haven’t gone to my Pledge Music Page to watch the video about the album & pre-order your copy & exclusive package please visit it today. We are at22% of our Goal. 42 days left to pledge.

Here’s the reality. . . Reaching 100% will cover the cost of recording and 150% -200% could mean hiring a marketing team that would put us on the radio/press/big picture music biz map in ways that I could only dream. you can pledge for as little as $10. Please share and help this dream come true! http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/wendycolonnasnewalbum

Love & Thank YOU!!!

Be Kind.

Wendy Colonna


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