Fan videos. . . wow!

Fan videos. . . wow!

Apparently, I have been completely clueless that fans have been recording and posting videos of our shows online! Chad stumbled upon a nest of fan videos on Youtube that are GREAT!
Some are live, some are “behind the scenes” at radio stations — some are creative video interpretations of the songs. . .

Just thought I might share a few with you that you may not have seen on your own!

Here’s an In- Studio Radio version of The Beatles “I’m So Tired” performed at KLBJ in Austin with Strings Attached.

This one is a video of “Easy” acoustic — from Lane at the Bugle Boy in LaGrange, TX, We’ll be back there in June!

This version of “May Day” was recorded by Cat at Luna Fine Music Club in San Antonio. It features Chad on guitar and Dave Madden on keys. Yum Yum!

Here’s a beautiful and tragic video created by fans and set to our live version of “Noah” by Neal Kassanoff.

And here’s a fun one made my friend Sandy Wells in Houston — Her portfolio set to “Coffee Today”

Thanks to all of you!!!

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