Some Fun Fan Videos

Some Fun Fan Videos

We have been having a great time playing the last few weeks and we’ve asked fans to shoot some songs with personal video cameras. There’s nothing fancy-schmancy about these, but they’re certainly fun!

This video of “The One That You’ve Been Waiting For” was shot at the Mucky Duck in Houston at our Album Release. Steve Balderama Shot this one!

This Video of “Hurricane” was shot at Momo’s by Bethany Paul

KSYM Radio in San Antonio had us on as guests before our release there at Luna. This is kinda fun. The audio quality isn’t that great, but it certainly shows what it’s like to cram a whole band inside a radio station control room. . . We weren’t plugged in, so we were all trying to mix our volume in the room. . . Jennifer Sullivan shot this one and as you’ll notice she can’t help but dancin’!
Here’s “We Are One” On-Air Radio Style:

And here’s a Fun one of Me, Dave & Chaddy playing “Mojo Hannah” at Home Recorded by our friend Conrad from Belgium:

If you have some fun videos you’ve shot at our shows you want to share to add to the collection, let us know!

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