“Grey Baby.” Cool, New Tune for A Cool, Sexy, New Novel

“Grey Baby.” Cool, New Tune for A Cool, Sexy, New Novel

grey baby

I’ve been so fortunate to meet and collaborate with so many world-class creatives in this musical journey of mine over the last 20 years. It’s crazy to think that at 19 I was living in Holland and flying all over the world finishing my first record.  It’s been a wild ride since with definite peaks and valleys, but the creative companionship I’ve had the opportunity to cultivate may be one of my favorite parts of this crazy musical life.

Caren & Betsy

Caren & Betsy

My dear friends Elizabeth Parmer and Caren Penland recently wrote a sexy, brilliant novel entitled, The Poison of LifeI could not put it down when I read it.  It’s like Jane Eyre meets Anne Rice with a modern, sexy twist.  It’s doing great on Amazon and Caren & Besty were asked to lead and participate in several panels at a literary conference in D.C. earlier this summer.   In the spring, they asked If I would write a companion song for the novel to share at the conference.

Of course, I said “HELL YES” and wrote the song and produced it with Mark Addison. We’ve been working closely on my new album and this song aligned nicely into with our rolling studio mojo.  It was so fun to write. I wanted it to capture the narrative of the main character, Greyson and have the sexy tone and vibe of the whole novel.

You can buy their awesome book and listen to the song streaming below!



PS. Those awesome background vocals were debut studio performances by three awesome individuals I’m blessed to be a now step-mother to! So awesome!

Listen to “Grey Baby”
Read The Poison of Life

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