Music Farmer Podcast

Music Farmer Podcast

My pal, Ben Grimm asked me to do an interview for his podcast, Music Farmer.  He came over one afternoon to my little camper, Tips and I gave him a little tour of the studio and property here at the Aerie Studio. . .  Listen HERE Pretty sure we covered everything except aliens and the impact of Nietzsche on post modern rural American culture.

It’s a pretty fun interview. He asks great questions. . .

He pretty much covered all the cool stuff . . .

Topics like. . .

My new place, “Tips” & The New Album

How Awesome Black Fret Is!

The Importance of Listening to your gut. How my life crashed because of Reality TV Show

Adventures in Belgium. How a solo tour turned into a beautiful band and album.

My time in the Tetons, why the hell I go out there?

Story behind the SWLA Tourism video & Coca-Cola Ad

Cleaning the path in one’s life for magic

The family farm where my mother was born and the houses my great grandfather built and rolled down the road on logs

Wendy Colonna Day in Austin, April 26th . . So weird.

The state of Austin Music in the face of growth and lack of affordable housing for artists

Yeah, pretty much everything.

Since the interview, I have already changed plans for the summer months. More to come!

Love y’all!

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