No Depression Review. Jazz Fest. Touring West.

No Depression Review. Jazz Fest. Touring West.


Whew. What a whirlwind this last month has been. 

It’s been many years since I’ve played in the Eastern US and there were many new rooms and new cities along the road and thankfully, new hearts and ears with whom to share the music.

This tour has been filled with whimsical and bittersweet memories. Warm, receptive shows, radio time, unexpected family time due to a loss in the family, a Civil Rights tour around the Southeastern US, a visit to Graceland, a guest appearance at NOLA Jazz Fest with the “Piano Prince of New Orleans,” Davell Crawford and even a brief stint fostering a baby goat. So weird and wonderful. And, of course, it was magical to move from snowy mountain drives in North Carolina to witnessing the first days of spring crawling across the US- crocuses in NY, daffodils in Virginia, wisteria climbing across the trees along the highways in the southeast to the taste of fresh wild blackberries in rural Louisiana.


One of the highlights of the tour was doing an interview with Henry Carrigan from No Depression, a very well respected roots music publication. We had  a lovely interview when I was up in NY and I’m so honored by his attention to detail, eloquence and kind words about the album in this piece…

Here’s a little snippet:  “On Nectar, the sweet honey of Colonna’s voice fills our cups with the enduring energy of her pure songwriting. She has blossomed as a songwriter, but it’s the unadulterated beauty of each song that moves us from one flower to the other on the album.” – Full article HERE. 


I will be performing & Interviewing with John Platt at WFUV in NYC on May 18th on his show Sunday Breakfast. You can pour some coffee and tune in online!

We also will be featured on NPR’s beloved Beale Street Caravan. . . Air date TBA. I’ll keep you informed!

Thanks to our wonderful radio promoter, Jesse Barnett at Right Arm Resource, “Dirty Things” has been spinning in stations across the US.

I will be in Texas for just one month before hitting the road again for four months. If you’re in the Lone Star State, please come out and say hi, boogie and get you some sweet Nectar.

Want to Host Your Own Concert?

While I absolutely love the festivals and clubs, I have a very special place in my heart for community-inspired intentional spaces where there can be a bit more interplay, intimacy and fun between myself and the audience and I can perform for all ages who may not otherwise go out to clubs or festivals. . . If you would like to coordinate an indoor or outdoor “house concert”  in a special space this summer, we currently have a few openings in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Oklahoma between June & September, and back in the south & TX in October.  We usually encourage a “suggested donation” for guests of between $10-$20 per adult. We also encourage hosts to “pot luck” and “BYOB” and if outdoors, bring a picnic blanket or folding chairs so it’s nice and easy to coordinate and everyone can have a magical experience! If you’re inspired by this, please contact Dori Colston at for information.

that’s all for now. . . More to come.


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  1. Depression May 18, 2014 at 2:38 am

    No Depression is one publication that I could read cover to cover and always find something interesting. I have gotten away from many of my other books and magazines, but that one will always be around.

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