Our Album Has A Name!

Our Album Has A Name!

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bee and bluebonnet
Greetings from the Grand Tetons. I’m stationed up here in Jackson WY for the next 5 weeks playing weekly shows at some wonderful local venues and working like crazy to get things lined up for this this project to spread its wings. . .

So . . . I’ve decided to name the album “Nectar.”

Because it’s sweet and deep.

And yea, I’m a geek. . . I am obsessed with pollination ecology. There are lots of major players in the pollination world that make cameo appearances in the songs’ lyrics and these creatures are at the essence of what makes life on earth possible. . . And like so many good, pure parts of our world, many of our essential life-makers are endangered. . . If you didn’t know this about me, bees are my ALL TIME favorite animal. . . so yea. this album is for them.

But I digress. . . At its essence, this collection of songs has a sweet, pure quality and in a way, there’s a call to return to innocence in some of the song . . but moreover, a call to reconcile, to heal, to look in the mirror and love with your scars intact.

We’re getting close with the mixes/masters. I’ll have songs for you in – i’m guessing- less than 2 weeks. WHEEEE!!

In other news, we have album release parties scheduled across Texas and Louisiana in September/October. I hope you’ll join us in celebrating the release of such a beautiful album. . .

We’re still putting our team together to do publicity and radio and we are still hoping to raise our Pledge #s to 150% to cover the cost of publicity and radio team-mates. If you know folks who haven’t pledged but you think would want to, please share the page with them!

Be Kind,

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  1. Carmella July 17, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    love the name! blessings…

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