Patronism- the best way to support your favorite indie artists. including this one.

Patronism- the best way to support your favorite indie artists. including this one.

logo-for-black-backgrounds_400x400Many of you have asked me along this rocky and crazy path “how can I support you?” Many of you want to be a part of the music’s growth but you’re unable to make shows and beyond buying a record every 2-3 years, you feel like you’d like to do more to support this musical journey. . . Well, there’s Patronism. . . which is pretty awesome.  And I don’t talk about its amazing impact on my life and career often enough.

I just uploaded the recording of the “Blue Plate Special” from WDVX in Knoxville to . . Will be putting up some more really cool things soon like the unreleased raw Nectar demos and some other really exciting exclusive radio interviews etc. . .

What the heck is it?

Patronism is like a virtual tip jar where you have access to ALL of my albums, exclusive content like radio shows, demos & unreleased material . . . all for a pay-what-you feel monthly contribution. . . No rules. It’s honor based and ALL about keeping the art alive! I use the $$ to pay for a multitude of things I could not otherwise afford. . . like demos, occasional string & horn arrangements & special projects like NECTAR (artwork, PR etc). . . Please consider supporting the music this way! The rewards are mutually beneficial and the music keeps growing!

There have been so many many points in my career where I have been afraid to take the financial risks  necessary to share the music on a bigger scale. . . it’s expensive to make an album, pay for band members charts, scores, PR, radio etc. . . Without the support of patrons over the years, I wouldn’t have been able to take such risks . . . and look at the really wonderful stuff that has become of this.

On Patronism some of the exclusive content includes many radio shows from the years, demos, live shows with brilliant string and horn players,  my first album, “Girls of Stone” (not available for retail sale) and so much more behind-the scenes music. Try it out. There are not really ANY downsides to joining. <3

Thank you all for your support. . .


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