No Moment But Now (5/19/17)


“Fans of both Lucinda Williams and Motown soul will find much to like in Colonna; the Louisiana-born troubadour brings a decidedly fresh spin on twangy Americana. "Her  songwriting combines both rich heritages, while her vocals draw in audiences in like bees to a flower—a sturdy, slightly prickly flower, not a shrinking violet, ‘cause she can move from [...]

A Happy Song (2014) – Single


A Happy Song (2014) Full-Length Single from Coca-Cola Red Balloon Commercial Recorded by Wendy Colonna & Mark Addison at the Aerie Studio, Austin TX. Music Dealers, a company that connect independent musicians with licensing opportunities contacted Wendy Colonna in the spring of 2014 to write a custom song for a Coca-Cola Ad. While [...]

Nectar (2013)


Wendy Colonna's Nectar, invites listeners to taste the sweetness of life in stories of surrender, mortality and redemption. With her  swamp-Americana style, Colonna displays grit, grace and a sense of humor as she shares her journey of a return to innocence.  With soulful southern storytelling, the songs on Nectar showcase Colonna's singular vocal abilities with a natural [...]

Wendy Colonna & The Lazybones, Barefoot in Belgium (2011)


Wendy Colonna & The Lazybones: Barefoot in Belgium (2011) “Her warm and surprisingly unsentimental lyrics fit right into the easy groove that her Belgian band mates provide with the lilting ‘Forgive Me’” “Her voice has both a richness of tone and an engaging cadence that makes her oh so easy on the ear.” [...]

My Southwest Louisiana Home- Single (2015)


Wendy Colonna: My Southwest Louisiana Home - Single (2015) In Jan 2016, the "My Southwest Louisiana Home" song/video advertisement swept the Regional ADDY Awards, winning four gold placements and "Best in Show." "There's a certain quality, one of them-thar je ne sais quois in Wendy Colonna's voice that sends writers skittering around to come [...]

Old New Borrowed & Blue (2007)


Old New Borrowed & Blue (2007) "Wendy Colonna is hot, no question, but the Austin singer-songwriter's considerable musical talents make her sassy sexuality secondary — perhaps an even greater achievement. With smoky vocals that call to mind Norah Jones or Joan Osborne, Colonna's expansive musical domain encompasses rock, soul, jazz and blues, making her [...]

We Are One (2010)


Wendy Colonna: We Are One (2010) "WE ARE ONE perfectly demonstrates Wendy Colonna’s unceasing maturity as both songwriter and vocalist. Papa Mali appears to be just the sort of producer capable of capturing her incredible range in both areas an ability to emote everything from gentle sweetness to belting it out like a full-blown, [...]

Red (2003)


Sultry Louisiana songwriter with "a voice that ranges from gravel to nightingale," who blends folk, pop, blues, country and rock in a soulful musical journey.  Red (2003) Recorded & Produced by Reese Perkins, Austin TX. Dirty Wife We All Die Alone Coffee Today Weight of the World Gypsy Smoking Chains of Cigarettes Something [...]