Calling Women, Girls, and All Who Identify as Female
I have this vision for a music video for this new song. . . And I want you to be a part of it!

Producer & Songwriter, Mark Addison and I wrote the song “Girls Like Me” after many long talks about what it feels like to be an outsider and an insider female at the same time.

We wrote this song for everyone. If you, male or female, come from, are partnered with or identify as a powerful feminine spirit, this is for you! We also wrote it for all the women and folks who identify as female out there who may not be the most mainstream/stereotypical women, but who align heart and soul with the feminine energy that moves them to create and do great acts in the world.

Whether it’s the alignment with being a nurturer, a steadfast mama sprit, a gardener of society and earth, a diva, we are all called to the power of the feminine.

My vision is to see all your beautiful faces singing along with the song, sharing a unifying experience around this mysterious, blessing we have all been given.

If you are a dude and you feel strongly connected to the feminine spirit in your own self, send in your video and you’re in the video too! I want to include everyone who values and feels connected to these sweet, powerful qualities that nurture us all as a society! THIS MEANS YOU TOO FELLAS!

So, fill out the form below and we will send you this FREE UNRELEASED NEW SONG (um hello?), lyrics, and instructions on how to shoot and what to do so that you can be in the video!



If you’re loving the track and want to pre-order the album, you can still do it here: No Moment But Now

Fill out this form to receive instructions and everything you need to make your video.

Submissions have been closed. Thanks to all who submitted videos!