Summertime. . . Great News & New Offerings. . .

Summertime. . . Great News & New Offerings. . .

​“Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.” – Bob Marley

Summertime Greetings!

I hope you had a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend. I spent my weekend in Louisiana with family (including my last remaining grandparent, Windall who was Gen. Patton’s tank driver in WWII) and friends having barbecues, visiting farms, playing with babies & sipping wine with my mama. . . What a joy! It was so beautiful to have a whole weekend off down home.

Things are about to ramp up for me. . . Lots of special shows on the horizon in TX, NM & more . . . and I’ve signed up for two triathlons this summer (one Sprint distance, one Olympic distance) and this Sunday’s in Austin (the Danskin) will be my first EVER. I’m excited.

Patronism Update- New Tracks & Thanks!

I just uploaded 2 wonderful sets of tracks to Patronism.  One is a recent interview/performance with the Lazybones on KRVS in Lafayette, LA and our “Barefoot in Church” performance with the Lazybones & some of my Austin band members and special guest Gina Chavez. They’re so fun!

If you don’t know about it yet, Patronism is sorta like a virtual tip jar with mega-benefits. iYou get access to my entire catalog, demos, live tracks, b-sides, radio interviews and performances & more. . . You just sign up and set the amount you’d like to put each month toward the music. Patronism helps artists stay alive, fund projects, afford time to write beautiful new music. It’s really great. This summer I will be working up some new material and I hope to demo it and share it as it progresses. . .

June Tour-dates- Texas, New Mexico & AUSTIN CITY LIMITS MOODY THEATER!

This June we have dates in San Antonio, Houston, Stonewall, Lubbock, Amarillo, Albuquerque and Santa Fe and two very special Austin shows.

Next Saturday I’ll be at Ruta Maya in Austin with Dave Madden playing a support show in celebration of Hannah Williams’ CD release party!

The following weekend I’ll be at Luna in San Antonio on Friday and on Saturday I’ll be performing a very VERY special show at the Austin City Limits’ Moody Theater.

This will be amazing. A supergroup with Austin’s favorites, Patrice Pike, Ginger Leigh, Guy Forsyth, John Pointerand yours Truly. This has never happened before and it probably wont’ happen again. We’ll all be playing and singing together backed by Jeff & Nina Botta & Stewart Cochran. Get your tickets HERE. What gets even better is that a part of the ticket sales go to support the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. What’s not to love?

Later this month Ill be doing 2 shows in Lubbock, one at the Buddy Holly Center and a very special House Concert. . . Followed by a house concert in Amarillo at Keith Jones’ place. Then I’ll be headed to New Mexico to play two more shows. . . Check the calendar for more info.

May all your days include cool spot of shade,

Wendy Lorraine Colonna

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