reflections on sxsw 2013 through my bike’s eye view.

reflections on sxsw 2013 through my bike’s eye view.

Hey y’all!

[singlepic id=349 w=340 h=240 float=right]SXSW Notes:

I felt good about it. I met beautiful people, went to several events that seemed to resonate, not a gazillion things that i felt would be good for hob-knobbing. Our shows were beautiful. People listened, danced, engaged and totally made the circuit complete. This is not normal for SXSW. I felt so blessed to play such amazing rooms, in such great company and for such good causes (like SWEET RELIEF MUSICIANS FUND)…

That’s me zipping around on a posh Pedego Electric Bike. Yes, Folks, The absolute BEST way to get around central Austin is on an e-bike from Rocket Electrics. I was lucky enough to rent one of the few they had left in the shop for a couple of days during the madness. YES!

I didn’t feel dirty/used/depressed after the madness subsided. I felt whole. I felt gratitude.

I kept thinking about all the bands who put their whole life-savings on the line getting to Austin to perform for free a dozen times, schlepping heavy gear at all hours of the day and night up and down stairs, through alleys and trying to find parking – just to be seen by a few music biz types. I passed through SXSW crowds downtown as the clang of drums rang off buildings in every direction and the low hum of bass ate up a lot of the breathable air sliced only by feedback and occasional screeching of electric guitars in the cacophony of a perpetual sound-check. Audiences were texting, tweeting, talking and drinking, making fashion statements while thousands of bands poured their hearts out as they do year-after-year.  My heart was heavy with compassion. I clapped hard for them when I could. I have been that band so many times.

I was both prepared and fortunate this year. I kept my heart focused on our collective passion for and love of the medicine of the soul, music. The rooms I worked in were amazing. I knew that going in. Home team advantage, I guess.   I met every gig with no expectations, a group bringing their A-Game and met warm, receptive rooms filled with love and support.

In all the madness of those few days,  I even got to sneak out to see one of my favorite singer/songwriters for the first time, Gregory Alan Isakov. Gush. Amazing.

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It was so different than any other year I’ve known.  My heart was open. My eyes were open. Giddy but totally relaxed.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. willie nelson.

2. watching moonlight turn to to sunrise

3. bluebonnets

4. birdsongs

5. people who do courageous things regardless of whether they will fail or succeed

6. 5:30am boot-camp with organic fitness & training

7. dog-sitting snuggles

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  1. Mark Fradl March 26, 2013 at 1:05 am

    aaawww…that made me happy – well said well said

  2. Holley Ucantspellitanyway April 21, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    I’m a lil slow on the uptake its been that kind of round. My heart is light knowing that this year was different and rewarding for you. I always hold you in my heart, of course, but SXSW time I am constantly sending you calming bright light to help balance the chaos. One day I will participate, again, and share another groovy melding of Spirit! This I so look forward to….

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