The Dizzying & Suspenseful Album Saga Continues

The Dizzying & Suspenseful Album Saga Continues

What happens when you receive damaged product 6 weeks before your first album release celebration, Wendy?

We received 1000 copies of our new album, “We Are One” three weeks ago and much to our dismay, we discovered the majority of the CDs we opened were scratched/scuffed. We contacted the manufacturer and overnighted sample unopened copies for them to examine. They passed it to upper management while we waited for their verdict. Two weeks passed before we got their final decision and indeed, they agreed there was a manufacturing error and we made arrangements for UPS to pick up the cds so that the manufacturer could re-print the discs and re-package them and ship them back to us. . . I opened about 250 copies to find enough unscratched copies to send to regional media in anticipation of our two release celebration dates in May (May 20th at the Mucky Duck in Houston & May 27th at Luna in San Antonio). We got about 50 usable copies for media and radio and UPS picked up the boxes yesterday to bring BACK to the manufacturers.

It’s no mystery that this is already a quite irregular, risky and hectic business. I’d like to believe that I have a rather high tolerance for the pitfalls that accompany it but this particular set of curve-ball circumstances has leaned heavily on my patience and ability to stay calm in troubled waters. I’ve invested most of my financial resources and all of my time and love into its creation and in a sense, the direction of my career is riding on its success. It’s been scary. I’ve been addressing my deepest hopes and fears and questioning my purpose and intentions in the midst of all this disheartening madness.

I’ve been working like a one woman army from dawn till midnight most days, running the business, strategically planning and budgeting tours and release events, negotiating with venues, rehearsing our awesome band, playing shows and preparing for media. I’ve kept my mind open, seeking out appropriate synergy in management, booking and publicity. I’ve kept my heart open and inner gaze fixed on both the tiny gifts of the present and the mystery that lies just over the horizon. I’m learning how to ask for help. It’s kinda freaky, but a great lesson. Although the birthing process has been riddled with complications, “We Are One” is the finest project I have ever had the pleasure to create. The desire to spread the music’s magic propels me to move forward in good faith and grace.

More than ever, I’ve been so grateful for my fans, community, friends and family and your endless, unconditional love and emotional support. I apologize that I couldn’t get copies in your hands sooner, but I can guarantee that it will be worth it once you get the album. Pre-Order Patrons, I hope you’re enjoying the album digitally. If you don’t have it and want to purchase it online, it is available on CD Baby at . If you are already enjoying the album please write a review on CD baby.

Radio, Events et More:
We’ve been getting radio play in Belgium, the UK, Austin, Louisiana. . . and we haven’t even sent out formal CDs to these stations! It’s really exciting and has kept my heart lifted to hear the joy of DJ’s sharing the songs with their listeners. I hope it’s as infectious an experience for you. . . As of now, Album release parties will begin on May 20th at the Mucky Duck in Houston. The Following week, on May 28th we will be celebrating and performing the album at Luna in San Antonio. Both of these are AMAZING rooms and we hope you’ll share news of the parties with your friends! We are still working on the details of Austin’s release event and have booked celebrations in Lake Charles & Lafayette, LA in June. We’re heading west to Lubbock, Amarillo and New Mexico in July/Aug and are working on other Texas and Oklahoma dates. Things are moving in a powerful and positive direction despite the obstacles.

Website Under Construction- Here’s where you find out about tour-dates:

We’re also working on a new website. If you’re looking for tour-dates you can visit or for details.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening. Thanks for believing.

Wendy Lorraine Colonna

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