Why in the heck do I do music after 20 years if it hasn’t made me me rich or famous?

Why in the heck do I do music after 20 years if it hasn’t made me me rich or famous?

Hiya sweet peas,

Just a quick hello and a little sharing.

I’m really not sure how it all happened, but after two years of being home-free and on the road, I’ve found myself this spring with a new spot to call home, an almost finished new album and a friggin awesome concert venue.

I’ve been playing shows to keep the lights on and staying pretty busy juggling these amazing projects. I’ve also been doing a little emerging-artist coaching, some  background vocal sangin’ on some bad-ass records and trying to jump into the springs or hike the greenbelt when I get a little window of time. Gettin’ by and hustlin’ to keep it all moving. . .

It’s sorta like a very exciting hamster wheel. I rarely stop it from going around, but as tired as I get, I’m so infinitely grateful to be on it. . . But I ain’t gonna lie; it’s been sorta crazy and exhausting.

But here’s a little story and one of the many stories and reasons that I keep getting up on that wheel and running like there’s no tomorrow. . .

My friend, Shawna was a celebrated Iron Man athlete, a trainer and a multi-time cancer survivor. She had a fraction of an ovary left and was told she would never have a baby.  On her 4oth birthday, by grace and some miracle action,  she conceived.  We (her pals) were all nervous and excited for her . . . and a little worried that it wouldn’t take and she might lose the baby . . . but she didn’t.

This was around the time that Coca-Cola had hired me to write and perform the “Happy Song” for the “Building/Red Balloon” Commercial.  It was launched right around the time that Shawna found out she was pregnant. . . Even though I had written the song to fit a commercial and wasn’t incredibly emotionally attached to it myself, every day of her pregnancy, Shawna sang this song to the baby in her womb.

On the day Greyson was born, Shawna sent me a video that someone shot right after he emerged from her womb.  It was the first time she held him and while crying, she sang the words to the chorus “I’m happy as I can be, I have you and you have me.”

Needless to say, I just about lost it. I cried happy tears for my friend and her new son and marveled at the sweetness of how a song that meant very little to me emotionally meant everything to her during her pregnancy.

So, yeah. I do this music thing. Not because it makes me rich or famous. Because of people like Shawna and Greyson.  And probably people like you.

Music is medicine, magic and it heals and guides us. I’m just grateful as hell to be a steward of its grace and miracles.



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