Happy New Year, Friends,

Confession: I get lost in the mess of January. Allergies, slow gigs, taxes, rainy days, steep intentions that don’t seem to get off the ground fast enough. I start to doubt my work, my worth and my choices. But, you know, as Plato said in Socrates’ voice “an unexamined life is not worth living” and without taking courageous inventory of our past, we can’t sit with a clear picture of the present or what’s alive in us that is worthy of risk and sacrifice moving forward. The New Year’s process feels to me like an upheaval, a deep-clean of the big messy life I am living, a willingness to let go, create space and empty the space enough to hear that quiet voice that gently calls from the corners, under the piles of ‘to-do’ survival lists. So, I’ve been clearing, cleaning and letting go. Here are a few of the dreams I’ve decided to nurture in this season. . .

Tiny Dreams Coming True

Thanks to Ray Prim & Dave Madden, I’ve been a part of some killer, community songwriting groups in the last 6 months. I’m writing again and have several baby songs demo’d and in gestation. I’m excited to be back in that flow and though I’m a bit rusty, I’ll have some tunes to share soon. We plan to start a subscription based platform soon for fans/friends. Standby. I’ve also been writing the occasional custom-song for advertising and conferences and there’s a big fun new project – inspired in equal parts by my love of coaching, team-building and songwriting.

Motherhood & the Magic of “Not Right Now”:
I commited to be full-time with Charlie for his first few years. So, I had to learn how to make 150% of what I was making with 10% of the time. Insane for a working musician & creative career coach. I’ve learned that “not right now” is a perfectly fine answer for this season of my life (and maybe all!). For almost 3 years, since the birth of Charlie and the release of my last record, I’ve managed, through thick and thin to stay true to this dream of being a full time mama with my little boy as he grows. I’m grateful beyond measure for all the work that has showed up by grace that custom-fits this dream. I’ve pressed pause on a few other dreams, but “not right now” feels so damn fulfilling when it comes to choosing to be full time with his little bright light.