Tips Concerts: Original Live Music. Community. Magic.

Tips Concerts: Original Live Music. Community. Magic.

Last weekend we hosted the first of what we hope to be many private house concerts at my new digs, “Tips.” My friends and I were literally putting the final roof pieces up, wiring lights and crossing fingers that everything would work out when our musician friends Andre Moran, Noelle Hampton, Barbara Nesbitt & her guest producer and dear friend, Jeff Berkley from CA showed up.

Barbara had just wrapped the recording session for her new album with Jeff and she wanted to have a little celebration show and I volunteered to host it (two months before when I thought we had PLENTY of time to get Tips into shape for a show).

There we were.  Just barely completing the porch/stage.  About 50 folks were in attendance and magic happened.

So, Mark Addison (owner of the Aerie Studio and beautiful property where I have been working on Tips) and I decided to host more. . .

Website is coming soon. . . and here’s our story below. If you want to be invited to our next Tips Concert, Please email us to be included in our mailer.

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Photo by Chris Minnich

The Story of Tips Concerts:

On a hilltop in the center of eight acres in Southeast Austin, producer and songwriter, Mark Addison has been living, gardening, raising happy country dogs and recording many of Austin’s finest artists for 17 years.  In the fall of 2015, Mark’s workspace, The Aerie Recording Studio got a new musical sibling.

That October, after two years of being “home-free” and touring year-round, tired of the fast pace of the road and urban living, his friend and sometimes musical collaborator, Wendy Colonna called Mark and asked if she could move a camper to his property.  The two were planning to write and record a new album and since her 2013 release, ”Nectar,” (produced by Addison) Wendy and Mark had worked closely on a number of projects.  Online, Wendy discovered a sweet 1964 Avion camper and fell in love. It was moved to the Aerie property the following morning and Wendy began to make plans to fancy it up, giving it a roof and a deck.

On the evening the camper was delivered, Mark and Wendy sat on his porch watching the sun set. He asked her “what will you name it? How did you buy it?” She replied, “I’m not sure, been thinking on it. I paid for her mostly with tips I’ve been saving for the last decade.” He said “you’ve got your name right there, call her ‘Tips.’”  So mote it be.

Months later, with about a gazillion hours of love, labor and support from friends, Tips was more than just a retreat for the Colonna’s troubadour lifestyle, suitable for strumming and songwriting on the porch. It was a magical, perfectly created outdoor home concert space.

tips1Both Addison and Colonna have been working for years the Austin music community, performing and working with musician-empowering nonprofits like HAAM and Black Fret. It seemed only natural to create a space up for more creative collaborations.  The property is close to Austin, but far enough out that it feels like a rural retreat.  It’s a great setting for artists who are recording, performing and fans who wish to relax, get creative, play, step outside the traditional and experience the magic of music in nature. A sort-of ‘back to basics’ community based musical experience.

Tips Concerts are private house concerts hosted by producer Mark Addison and artist, Wendy Colonna. Tips Concerts were created by musicians, for musicians and music-lovers who enjoy intimate, outdoor concerts. Tips Concerts are BYOB, suggested-donation and invitation-based RSVP for a limited number of guests.

Tips Concerts are privately held. In order to receive invitations to and RSVP for concerts, patrons must join the mailing list. Email us for more details.

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Photo by DeAnn Hoeft

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