Two half-marathons in two months, punk rock playlists, ice baths & a new running buddy!

Two half-marathons in two months, punk rock playlists, ice baths & a new running buddy!

Well, I did it. I’m officially running the 3M Half Marathon on Jan 30th and the Livestrong Austin Half Marathon on Feb 20th.

Training has been going really well. I honestly can’t believe that it was a struggle to do 3 miles a couple of months ago. This week I’ve run 6 miles twice and the second time I wasn’t sore at all! The weather has been great in Austin (not including Cedar Fever, BLECH!) and aside from missing a few runs I’ve been pretty good about staying on my training program.

Meet Jaime! My Running Buddy!
Right before Christmas I met Jaime who is my age who runs at my pace and is signed up for both races as well. She totally rocks. She’s smart, funny and a good sport. Her mantra before, during and after we run is “We are badasses.” I concur.

Onetwothreefour! Punk Rock Playlists
During the beginning, I liked listening to Chet Baker and 60’s soul, but somehow I lost momentum with these guys. I still love them on occasion but I’ve discovered that my current favorite music to run to is Punk Rock. I can’t locate my old punk rock cds, but I LOVE turning on the Bad Religion station on Pandora. It’s friggin great. I run faster and feel taller.

This week’s new addition. . . Ice Baths . . .Blech.
This week’s long run is 8 miles (tomorrow). I am entering uncharted territory. I realize now that there is mandatory stretching before/during and after these long hauls as well as . . yeh. . . ICE BATHS. . . All of my friends who train for long distances agree on one thing. Ice Baths. So, I’ll be schlepping on a sweater, winter hat, gloves and scarf while sitting in ice cold water after every run over 8 miles. Not Awesome.

It’s a beautiful afternoon and I’m due a short run and a yoga practice. Better Get Hopping. Happy Trails!

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  1. Jaime January 9, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    awww I’m famous! We really are badasses, fo’ real! xox

  2. John Kilian February 1, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Just this week I pulled out a T-shirt from a 5K in Milwaukee that kicked my butt back when I was pushing 200.

    Hard work pays off, and keep on truckin’

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