Want to be in the “We Are One” Music Video? You Can! Send us your video!

Want to be in the “We Are One” Music Video? You Can! Send us your video!

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re open for casting ALL of you in my video for “We Are One!”

We want to show the world that no matter who or where we are, that we are indeed ONE and we want YOU and your loved ones to be in the video.

No matter where you live in the whole wide world, you can be in the video! And it’s EASY!

Here’s how it works:

1. LIGHTS, CAMERA . . .Get out your Flip, digital camcorder or even your phone video camera and find a steady set of hands or a tripod for your shoot. (We’ll take ANY format of video, but the higher the quality of video, the better).

2. ACTION! Video yourself or your loved ones singing “We Are One” for the camera. Have fun, get creative! Our only request in this is that you get your WHOLE face(s) in the frame. . .
Sing Along with ME!

“But Wendy, I’m terrible with lyrics! I’m a terrible singer!” – Have no fear! We’ve posted a version of the song on Youtube with lyrics so that you can sing along IN TIME with the song. You don’t have to sing in tune or ANYTHING, just BE YOU and sing the lyrics to the best of your ability.

3. Save the file in a compressed format in the HIGHEST QUALITY you can.. I’m no genius in this dept, but I probably know a few folks who can help if you have questions.

4. Upload the file to my Yousendit Dropbox. It’s so easy. Go to this link https://dropbox.yousendit.com/UploadsForWendy , type in the info and upload the file.

5. Give Us Permission. Once we receive the file, we will send you a Consent form that gives us permission to use your video. YOU MUST fill this out in order to be included in the video. Sign it (simply type your name & info into the doc, we will use your email address as verification of your personal consent) and email it back to us. It’s EASY and there’s no scanning or faxing required.

We’ll verify to you that we have received your video and consent form. We’ll also let you know if we have any issues getting your videos to work, so PLEASE Save it on your computer in its RAW format just in case!!

6. DEADLINE: You must submit your video & Release Form BEFORE February 1, 2011.

We will let you know when the video is going live (we’re shooting for Feb).

Sorry, but we will not include any videos with profanity, nudity or inappropriate behavior. This tune is all about the love that unites us all. . . not being nasty. But you know this already.

HOORAY! Let the fun begin!
if you have any questions, email wendycolonnapromotions@gmail.com

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