Wendylicious Update, Saxon Pub & A little thinkin’


Hello Hello!

It feels to me like this fall is perhaps one of the busiest and most frenetic autumnal seasons we’ve experienced in a while. In the face of such heated political debate, trying to survive, stay healthy and sane, I find we often lose sight of the opportunities we have to simply take moments throughout the day to breathe, give thanks and open our eyes to the love around us. . . In all this stress, I’ve been trying to focus on those little sweet moments. . . and grin as much as possible.

I have been traveling nonstop and am planning some whirlwind journeys that will take me through the end of the year. . . Lots of good stuff cookin’ up and in the mix is a few treats including finishing up the Holiday HAAM Jam Vol. 2 Album (a project I help produce that benefits the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians) going to see and soak up some musical education from two of my favorite songwriters in the coming weeks, Leonard Cohen & Jackson Browne (yippee!), working all over the ding-dang universe and trying to get my yoga groove back together. . . Whew!

THIS WEEK, however, I’m HOME!!! i HOPE that you will join me for a show!

Thursday night, I’ll be performing an intimate show in Elgin solo at QUOFFER’S PUB at 8:30pm.

Friday Night I’ll be at the Legendary SAXON PUB on South Lamar after MALFORD MILLIGAN. Don’t miss this soulful night of music at one of Austin’s most treasured venues. . . I’ll be accompanied by my lovely band and we’ll be getting some grooves on. . . Our downbeat is 11pm. We’d love to see your sweet faces.

Our next gig on the books in Austin is at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar on December 18th, so we hope you’ll mark your calendars for Friday so we can perform for you sooner!

Spicy Pumpkin Flavored Love,

Wendy Lorraine Colonna

“Treasure this day and treasure yourself. Truly, neither will ever happen again.” ~Ray Bradbury


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  1. Brian October 23, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    State of perfection perfectly stated. Thanks for sharing! And I must say, yoga is just about the best thing ever for being peaceful amidst such chaos – like you said, the opportunities to breathe and express gratitude often elude us, even though they are the most healing things for us. I’ve started diving into comedy as a serious endeavor (quite honestly, laughter is the only thing I take seriously these days… lovely little paradox that is!). The biggest thing that that has helped me with is realizing that if you can laugh at it, it can’t control you. So I tend to laugh at everything. Especially myself. Good luck with the shows! I’ll be cheering you on from Utah. Cheers! 🙂


  2. Michael October 23, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    You are a treasure. Stay safe, stay semi-sane, stay happy. And get back to La Grange every chance you get.

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