Yoga-to-Go DVD & Workbook

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Yoga-to-Go CD/DVD and Workbook

2771188Musicians and travelers need yoga the most, but are the least likey to find a studio or do yoga in their time-sensitive schedules. Yoga-to-Go is a must-have tool to stay connected to your center, relieve the fatigue and pain of travel, exercise the body and help manage stress. Wendy guides participants through a sequence that can be done in the confines of a bed, in a hotel room or a larger space. And there are also tips for practicing in moving vehicles! Yoga can make the difference between a weary traveler and an energized, focused road warrior.

Wendy Colonna is a registered yoga instructor and a successful songwriter and recording artist. Inspired by the challenges of countless performances in cities worldwide, Wendy created Yoga-to-Go with the intention of sharing the practice that keeps her grounded and strong.

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